SU 2020 — 2021


Dear colleagues,


The editions of Sofia Underground 2020-21 Performance Art Festival have been cancelled. In contrast, we are planning to prepare a special zine edition, based on the announced theme and based on selected artists for presentation. We will share details about it further.

In the meantime our team remains active and continues to work on planned upcoming projects.

As before, we remain available for online contact.

Be healthy, responsible and empathetic!


The SU Team



1/100/one in a hundred/

In 2020 Sofia Underground comes up with a position instead of a concept.

Our position comes in response to the established popular model of attitude to contemporary art. It is reactionary and definitive.

Sofia Underground ceases relations with visualization and images, does not participate in the production and distribution of simulacra. We refuse the patronage of the inert and inertial artistic practices, the traditional notions and understandings of art, artistry and artisanship in art. The artistic can not remain the way it is widely presented now. Performance is the form that changes. It is time and the recording of time. Unconditionally and present, in-between and in general. Direction, method and body.

How are we going to make an ethical coup in the aesthetic status quo excites us too. We expect the mobilization of the underground. The theme of Sofia Underground 2020 is the aforecited position. For shortness and in connection with the dynamistic symbolism of the places where it will be held we name it “One in a hundred”.

Acceptable forms: sound art, noise, experimental, durational, spatial, temporal interventions, dance, movement, text, speech, presence, absence, and other works or gestures stripped of visual imagery.


Chun Hua Catherine Dong

Still from “The Sign” by Chun Hua Catherine Dong, 2017