SOFIA UNDERGROUND FILES is a modification of the festival – a mechanism working to both archive and contextualize the festival’s editions – whereby a self separate exhibitions or in the form of presentations (as part of other events) the festival SOFIA UNDERGROUND is presented to the audience through photo and video documentation, selected curatorial and analytical texts, objects.

In recent years through the FILES format the SOFIA UNDERGROUND festival has been presented in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Stara Zagora, Veliko Tarnovo (in Bulgaria), but also in Berlin, London, New York and Cairo (within the Biennial of 2002) and others.

The archive of the festival from the period 1997 – 2003 was donated to the collection of SAMCA – Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art, part of the National Gallery.


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Files 4 in KOSMO_KULTUR_KiOSK, DAS KAPiTAL, Berlin, Germany

Sofia Underground FILES @ Thessaloniki Performance Art Festival
Files 3 @ Taralej club, Veliko Tarnovo

– Files 2 @ Banya Starinna (the Ancient Bath) – Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv


– FILES 1997-2003 @ Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art, Sofia

– as part of Flow Fest 2012 @ Elias Canetti House, Ruse